Friday, October 21, 2011

Show time- Fellows Pin Up & Navy Party

Play it to add the atmosphere :D

A few weeks ago in a place called Loft there was a Pin Up & navy Party organised by Fellows clothing. I really enjoyed it !!! :) Sailors and Pin Ups everywhere . There was also a fabulous Step Show and a fashion Show :) I wonder if you can find me in the mass of people dancing, hahah :D !!  
here are some of the pictures,I have chosen only a few and the best ones,  just to imagine how awesome it was !! :)
Thank you fellows for making this Party :) 

This was the step show :)

And finally the Fashion Show 



  And This is the Beauty that designed and made all of these outfits :)

the rest of the pics. you can find on the site of Fellows Clth:
PS: I hope it won't be a problem that i published it here :)

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  1. jee to som vôbec nevedela že tam mala byť aj fashion showka!! to by som možno aj prišla...