Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stories from JS

Well i think everyone has ever heard of theird weirdnes :D but i love them!  i always thought that they are just amazing"... whenever i see the newest pistures i get always inspired, but than i realize that i could not wear all this crazyness here in slovakia... i don't really care if someone is looking at at some mad idiot, but actually this is too much.... have you ever felt this way ?? that you really would likie to get dressed into your handmade clothes but you just can't, because of the society ??? well i do queit often! whenever i see all this inspiring madnass i wanna go to Japan and wear my weird clothes...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tales of the bunny: Lost in wonder woods...

 lost in woods of wonderland
 sleepy willow of my dreams
 sleepy willow of my dreams

 falling down ... dreaming..
red-head in the woods
 red-head waiting for her lover..
 red-head and the sleepy willow
 red-head and the sleepy willow
well yesterday i was with one of my friends out in a park and i had my camera, so we just told ourselves, lets make some photos :D so we did about 300 photos :) here are some of the better ones... :) and i found out that she is very talented in making photos :) i cant wait for our next photography day :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why bunnies???

Word bunny is used in many different ways, for an animal, for description of cuteness or for a sexy woman. Many times people asked me, why is everywhere my nick name or pseudonime a bunny ( pinkbunny).... ??? for me it represents, something cute, something fluffy and inspiring, but for many people it represents, sex, prostitution and perverzion.... hahaha xD .... well i understand why do people think so ...have you ever thought what is the activity that are bunnies doing the most ??? ^^

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let's get started !!!

Welcome everyone :) after a very long time i am back with a new blog..... i hope you will enjoy it and like it.... so let's have a ride into my fairyworld!! ^^